Hello & Welcome – I’m Tim Stibbs

Polyphony Design & Drafting - Tim Stibbs - Portrait

I am an experienced Draftsman and Building Designer. My business services the needs of residential and commercial clients who require professional plans and drawings to fulfill a range of council development application processes, design fulfillment and AutoCAD drafting.

My love of architecture and design began when I was very young. During my childhood my family spent time living in the UK where I would pester my parents to visit as many National Trust and English Heritage houses as I could – driving them crazy by refusing to leave until I had explored every nook and cranny. Upon returning to Australia and starting high school my favourite subjects were Technical Drawing and Engineering Science.

My grandfather was a master builder and, as well as sneaking into his home office to study the plans of all the projects he was working on, I would spend my summer holidays working with him where I acquired my initial understanding of building techniques, materials and design.

Having completed a Diploma of Building Design in 2015 I began work for a local architect specialising in residential and industrial building design. It is here that I gained valuable and extensive knowledge of NSW and local Council planning controls as well as construction standards for residential homes, industrial warehouses, commercial building design and factories.

“I call architecture frozen music.”

I remember when I read this quote, I instantly connected with those words. They perfectly summed up the synthesis of my craft in building design with my personal love of music – hence the name: Polyphony Design & Drafting.

Polyphony is defined as; the style of simultaneously combining a number of parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonising with each other.

This philosophy melds perfectly into my design practices. The collaboration of intermixing ideas and elements together to bring to fruition a tangible outcome which will wholly enrich those who bring their ideas and dreams to my table – THAT is my aspiration.